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    PHP/MySQL project: Real Estate directory


    I am looking for somebody who knows to program a property directory like

    - Administration tool
    - User accounts (users pay per ad)
    - Pay system (VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.)
    - Possibility for admin to add new regions
    - Space for banner ads
    - etc.

    For more details please send me PM.


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    What are you willing to pay? What is your budget?

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    Wuerstchen, are there any other ways I can contact you? Email? Phone? Instant Messanger?

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    You don't have enough posts to receive PM's, do you have any other way to be contacted?
    Matt Walters - Weblog

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    Might want to elaborate the project...

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    If you can, PM or email (chris [at] me more details along with what kind of budget and timetable you have in mind and I'll get you a quote.

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    My ICQ number is - 325737632. I have added yours.

    Pls message me, lets discuss further

    URL -

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    In general my idea is to start a property directory like (sorry but there is no site in English) but for the moment only in a local area. I need the possibility to add by myself over the admin-login new areas/locations. I like to offer all private vendors and real estate agencies a web portal where they can public their properties for sale or for rent. It will be a paid service. For the first 3 or 4 month I will make it for free as a promotion.
    The visitor of the website can contact straight to the seller by contact form or by using phone, email, appointment...etc.

    What I need is:
    # administration:
    - administration with admin-login
    - user administration
    - user activation
    - administration of categories and regions
    - administration of all input objects (change, delete, block)

    # front-end:
    - page layout
    - search options and list view of results (6 categories)
    - detail view
    - print view of details
    - contact form and send details by mail
    - registration of new users (after activation autom. send email)
    - login for users
    - administration for users objects (add, change, delte, picture upload)

    # additional:
    - checking period of ad and after paid time remind by email to renew (cornjob)
    - visitors service: sending email to visitor when property comes up on the market which fits into their criterion
    - space for ads (like banners)with admin tool
    - extra languages

    The user will pay by credit card for a package like:
    private users: 2 ads 10 EUR/month
    standard for agencies: 10 ads 100 EUR/month and
    and so on (is only an example)

    I need the database and the design.
    So the ruff idea is that users logging in and adding their properties. For this they pay every month fee by credit card. I need a credit card payment method without additional registration of user like by a company like paypal. Just like in a online shop. Filling out name, address and credit card number and the money will be transferred to a bank account automatically.

    What about preparing the site for a good ranking on search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc? Possible?

    The server will support the newest stable version of PHP/MySQL.

    Please take a look on the html example at Only the villa/buy section is working and the “advertise with us”-link. Feel free for your own design. This is only a demo to show you what I am looking for.

    I need it for the end of May, beginning of June. So there is enough time I think. For further questions email me ([email protected])

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