http://www.sconet.co.uk/ Cheap Hosting and that is cheap!
If you wish to know:
2.5G direct fiber feed to Global Crossing 100 MB Ethernet drops from Cogent and WilTel Communications redundant BGP4 routing. Level3� is on the way!

Ok the deal is if you want it i will give u the next plan up from the one you want.
the deal id is : planextra - i will only accept with that!

this what u do add [email protected] to msn! or email me, pay for the plan what u want then i will give u the plan up

Deal is only valid with that key (planextra)

URL: http://www.sconet.co.uk/



Control Panel is nice www.sconet.co.uk:2222 demo_user to see control panel!