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    Looking For Work (Webdesign, Programming, Misc. online jobs)

    Hello. I am looking for any type of online work.

    Web Design:
    I just started a design company so I am looking for new clients. Now I don't have the 5+ years of experience as some of the other members on this forum, but my company does provide amazing quality and service. We will work with you to design the site you want. To see more of our work, please visit the link in my profile.

    If anyone has any work, please contact me. I have many year's experience in programming, and a portfolio that can be provided.

    Other Online Jobs:
    I just need the money. So if you need a Secretary, Data Entry clerk, a sales/promotions rep, anything for your site or company. Please post your job offering. Please if it is a commision job- do not post it.

    I am basically looking for anything online. I can provide a resume and a portfolio of my skills. But I do have experience in Sales, 56WPM, experience in MS Office. I can do almost anything! So please post back or contact me. Thank you for reading

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    More information on the Programming:
    College Graduate as a "Computer Software Internet Solutions Developer":
    Operating Systems
    Systems Analysis and Design
    Database Programming
    Structured Programming & Problem Solving
    SQL with SQL Server 2000
    Object-Oriented Design & Programming
    Internet Programming
    ASP/DHTML/Database projects
    3D/2D Application Design
    Systems Modeling and Analysis
    Sleepless Design - looking for more clients

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    Thanks, I'll get in touch!
    Sleepless Design - looking for more clients

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