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    Lightbulb Flash Light outline

    Hello, for all those flash designers out there, could you spare a tip? I am wondering how to do the light outline effect in I would deeply apreciate if you could lend me a tip.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Url doesn't work but i presume your talking about the outlines seen on almost every flash banner nowadays.

    It's basically just a gradient going across a mask. So first you gotta make the mask, which will be the outlines.

    1. Make a new layer, using the pencil/line tool draw your outlines, if you use pencil, make sure you put it on smooth, dont worry if the lines aren't perfect at this time, we'll smooth them out later.

    2. Select all the lines (click the first keyframe of that layer) and go to modify > Shape > Convert Lines to Fills, now if you want the lines smoother, go to Modify > Smooth, you can do this once or twice, or you don't have to do it at all.

    3. Now make a new layer and make a gradient with faded out edges, so make a linear gradient, in the color mixer click the middle of the bar so it adds a third arrow, select it make it white and opacity 100, change the other two on the sides to white and 0 opacity.

    4. Animate the gradient from going side to side, top to bottom, etc. Make sure this layer is under the layer with the lines, now go to the layer with the lines and right click and select mask.

    That's it.

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