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    I'm looking for someone who is familiar with Javascript to write two small functions. Please contact me if you're available.


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    Depending on your browser compat requirements I can do pretty much any javascript job you might have. Unfortunately all my js work that's worth showing is part of an internal webapp for UCB. If you'd like to tell me what you want and how much you'd want to pay (zero is ok if the job is small enough) and if it's ok that it wouldn't work in ns4 because that IS THE WORST BROWSER EVER (and obviously the same goes for msie 3 but even MORE) drop me a line or preferably post your requirements here so others can take a crack at it.

    BTW, my work mainly revolved around DOM changes (drag and drop, expandable folder trees... etc) that simulate standard OS functionality (ie has that stuff built in, but ns is funky) and was cross platform, cross browser. Also I did a lot with javascript+cgi to make the application more immersive, increase spead and eliminate the need for page loads. So if your functions have anything to do with that...
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