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    Question Need some ideas for

    So our companies new website is up and I think something is missing, any one got any ideas for it to make it more (whats the word) attractive maybe?

    Most of our current clients seem to like it.

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    I would try and work on your top header a little more. Everything else looks fine to me except there just does not seem to be enough pazaaz to get someones attention. Try adding some graphics on the front page. here is an example www.*********.com. I dont claim this is the best design in the world but it works for us but it will give you an example of what I am talking about. PUt a little color in it also. If you look on our page we have our most important stuff added in color.

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    I think there is a little too much text towards the top of the page... or maybe an image to the right of it. Maybe you could move the 3 boxes below the text to run down the right of the page.

    In general it does look pretty good but as sandee29 mentioned it just lacks a tiny bit.
    -- Matthew

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    ok thanks

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    I think it looks good but I also agree with storm to much text in the middle so the plans you have listed at the bottom are not being noticed.

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