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    Need input on creating FAQ page

    Ok folks, I could use an assist in creating a FAQ page for my website. Funny thing is, it's been so long since I've put together a website that I've completely forgotten how.

    What I want to do is to provide the user with a list of questions at the top of my faq page that user can click and be taken to the answer located somewhere else on the same page. For example:

    #1. What is this faq for?
    #2. Who can use this faq?
    #3. Where does this faq end?

    #1. What is this faq for?

    Answer: To answer your questions.

    #2. Who can use this faq?

    Answer: Anyone can use this faq.

    #3. Where does this faq end?

    Answer: It ends right here.

    I know it's all a matter of simply identifying and anchoring the questions but I've completely forgotten how. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    This should do the trick... just create a link like this..

    And in the HTML you will also have this on the whatis section...
    <a name=whatis>
    -- Matthew

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