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    I was need to report what is happening to me here so that WHT community don't get the same problem in future.
    I have some servers with ServerMatrix, i really liked their customer service and their network is ok.
    Last thuesday i got some problems with Helm control panel in my Windows 2003 box, then i decided to move to a Plesk installation one time SM started to offer it and it seems to be a more reliable control panel. Well, opened a ticket to sales asking control panel, asking how much time would take a Windows Plesk installtion. An attendant told me 24h would a normal turn around, so i ask him software's download URL and license key so that i could install it by myself because i was need it asap.
    Well, the sales attendant said that he would moving ticket to Accounting to add $20/m to my account. Ok.
    After this he asked me what server i would like to install Plesk and when i gone to answer the ticket has been closed.

    I opened another 2 tickets, one to support and another to Sales again. I had to explain again to sales person i would like to install software by myself. He closed ticket, understanding all, telling me the ticket i had opened to Support would be ticket for my license, in 04/08 - two days after.

    Ok... gone to Support ticket. They told me they have to install key for me and ask me again what OS i was running.

    (04/08/04-03:50 PM) Ok, i answer them, explain again i would like to install by myself...

    (04/08/04-05:18 PM) - I complained for no answers and for 48 hours to get Plesk.

    (04/08/04-11:34 PM) - No answers, more one complain.

    (04/09/04-12:47 AM) - They give me download URL and told ask me to advice when it is installed so that they log to my machine and license it. Ok.

    To sumary - I got this last answers in the dawn for my time zone, so i installed it in 08:00 AM, and got an error, gone to ticket asking what problem is it, no answers ... Well i started to talk alone until (04/10/04-07:27 PM) - my last addiction... but it is still opened and without answers.

    I opened many tickets to alert them i was waiting and my customers was waiting also... But i just got an answer opening another sales ticket to report what was happening.

    The sales person told me:
    04/10/04-11:16 AM):
    We do not have any one with the expertise here right now to fix your Plesk problem.

    WHAT? I just wand my license key. I told tham i could install it, if they dont know how to do it.

    Until right now i have open many tickets, i got just one answer yesterday... They was escalating this issue to LEVEL 2 support, and asking me time so that they could install it.

    Well, their support LEVEL would be 0 or -1, because until right now my plesk is not licensed.

    I had to reactivate my customer accounts, databases, mails, ... from scratch, or i would starting to lose them.

    Their service was better when i moved my servers to SM.
    I thought that my migraines would finish when i moved to a good service provider. I am very disapointed.

    I just complained until right now, they nor at least say me a HI or give me a forecast, no words. I dont know nor if they know that my tickets exist.

    Today 04/11/04... Asked Plesk license at 04/06/04

    Nice service guys!

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    I dont think i am so welcome. Your staff answer a ticket of mine an hour ago saying my license was in QUEUE to install in Level 2 Suport.

    Does all your customers wait for 5 days in an indian queue for a simple software key installation?

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    Well I can not comment on your current problem as I have never asked for that. However everything I have asked for they have done and made me totally happy. Overlook these small problems its a great company and you will be glad you stayed with them.

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    All things being equal, this is not the first time I have seen a company commit to a new control panel (Plesk) and then have no clue how to support it. Always beware of the "new" offerings. It is likely that techs will be very rusty at the beginning if they too are climbing the learning curve. For some companies, "the beginning" lasts longer than for others... depends on the number of clients using the new platform and how experienced the techs are with that new product.

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    well sorry to hear you had such bad luck i myself dont like opening tickets via email never have done it hopefully never will.

    But today I called SM twice due to a problem and both times within a ring or 2 the phone was answered and usually very politely asked who i was and what i needed (and if i had a current ticket open)

    the first time we just did a reboot not knowning what was wrong (as it was their service that said our server was down and it had sent me an email so i was calling to confirm and fix the situation)

    they rebooted server within 15 minutes and then about 30 min later the server was off again this time i called and they thought it was the harddrive so they said they would swap it and try to salvage what they could.

    We asked for an ET and they said 2 hours.

    I guess when they were taking out the hd they tested it and noticed it wasnt it instead it was the mother board so they put our hd's in another chasis and everything is great now i personally love their support and look foward to doing more business with them.

    I guess everyone has ups and downs but so far no complaints from me I do hope they get your situation figured out.
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