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    This is wrong, isnt it?

    > Un-metered Subdomains,
    > Un-metered Databases,
    > Un-meteted Email Addresses,
    > Un-metered E-Mail Auto Responders,
    > Un-metered E-Mail Forwarder,
    > Un-metered E-Mail Mailing Lists,
    > Un-metered FTP Accounts,
    > Un-metered PHP & CGI Scripts,

    They mean unlimited, surely.
    Un-metered would be if they were offering an un-metered 10mbps pipe or something, but un-metered Sub-domains?

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    i dont see the problem there, i would recommend staying away from hosts that say "un-metered bandwidth and diskspace"

    eventually the databases could become resource hogs but its a small package:
    3GB space,
    30GB Bandwidth / Data Transfer

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    i was just thinking isnt the termonolgy wrong?

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    not metered, counted, calculated

    might work in non-english sites, but not .uk one
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    From :

    tr.v. me·tered, me·ter·ing, me·ters
    To measure with a meter: meter a flow of water.
    To supply in a measured or regulated amount: metered the allotted gasoline to each vehicle.
    To imprint with postage or other revenue stamps by means of a postage meter or similar device: metering bulk mail.
    To provide with a parking meter or parking meters: meter parking spaces.

    So by going with the 2nd one there, Un-Metered would mean not keeping track of measured/regulated amounts. So this terminology is fine. The term unlimited would imply that there is no limit, which is false. Un metered means that there is no regulation or measurement of the amount they use, but does not say that there is no limit.

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    I see nothing wrong...Just unmetered badnwidth or disk space.

    unlimited would be wrong.
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    Decietful yes, wrong no.
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    With those features that you listed, most hosts allow you as many as you want to use. We use the term 100+, they use the term un-metered, others may use different variations all with the intention of providing the user with as many as they wish to use.

    I really don't see anything wrong with it either...

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    i can understand the difference between un-metered and unlimited when it comes to bandwidth
    (un-metered, put as much through the pipe as you can, but the pipes only so big - unlimited, shift as much as you like.)

    but whats the difference between unlimited subdomains and un-metered subdomains?

    id say one means have as many as you like, and the other is using un-metered in the wrong context

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    Originally posted by robdavy

    id say one means have as many as you like, and the other is using un-metered in the wrong context
    How is it in the wrong context? Un-metered can describe anything. Personally I think it works quite well. In fact I would rather use un-metered than unlimited; whether its transfer or anything else there is no such thing as unlimited.

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    I guess if you want to get technical, "un-metered" merely means that it isn't being measured or tracked, whereas "unlimited' means "as much as you could ever utilize."

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    We use the term unmetered as well. Below is how we describe it to our customers:

    We do not meter the bandwidth usage of a client. In essence it is not unlimited bandwidth we offer (because that is not possible), we offer unmetered bandwidth. Meaning if one day the customer site does 1k of traffic, and the next day they do 1 gigabyte of traffic, we will not charge for such changes or fluctuations in traffic at all. It is one less variable for our clients to have to worry about. We do have the following good neighbor policy regarding the use of our network:

    Customers are to understand that they are in a shared network environment. All sites are at the mercy of current technology as well. Despite Primal Blue utilizing only the finest equipment and have the highest available bandwidth at our datacenter, it is still important to note that in a shared environment your site can reach a potential limit no matter what host you choose to use. If a hosting provider places 100 or 10,000 customers on a huge server array then those customers share the resources of that system. If one customer uses a server to themselves, guess what? They have a much higher performance than that of the shared environment.

    The important thing to note is that we do not meter your bandwidth. We care about your site performance too. We do not wish to mislead you into believing you can have a site that can essentially have all network equipment resources at our datacenter. Just working towards common sense in this business is what we are trying to relay to everyone.
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