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    One Time Game Server Job [Call Of Duty]

    I'm paying and looking for someone who can Install Call of Duty 1.3 and make sure its working. This is a one time job and can become a everyday job. This is on my Dual Xeon and Linux Red Hat. Interested? Pm Me! or Post here!

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    I can do this for you
    Contact me
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    AexiManagement can take care of this for you, We have worked with several game server suppliers and currently have a contract with regarding there control panel.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I strongly recommend superprogram, as he has done installations for me in the past.
    Very fast and reliable.

    Fernando Castaneda

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    I can also do this, as you see in my signature I work for a company and do this everyday.

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