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    ok, big noob question on multiple domains

    so the scope of what i need to do has changed. i originally needed to put up a regular site and an site. don't need the site anymore. essentially i need to put up two domains with their own email and one will have a forum and the other a blog of some kind. and the dumb question being, is that possible on shared hosting. how will i control the allocation of space/bandwidth. also any recommended blogging software? just when i thought i had a clue as to what i was trying to do.

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    Yes, this is possible. This feature is commonly known as "addon domains". Just check your potential host(s) to make sure that they offer it, and most will.

    As for the control, you won't control the amount for each domain specifically (at least this is not the case with cPanel). You'll simply create the addon domain and it will be shared with your overall quota for your account. An addon domain is just like sharing the account with multiple domains.

    As for software, I've heard various things about b2 blog (I believe that's the name). I'd recommend a search on as that should yield some results. Hope that helps.

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    Check out the shared hosting offers forum. What you need to find is a host that allows multiple domains for your account. Not saying reseller, as many hosts do allow multiple domain hosting accounts.

    Once you have the account, you have to decide how much space you want to allocate to each domain. The forum may need 100 MB and the blg may only need 50 MB. It all depends as well on the amount of traffic you expect (more traffic means more posts thus you need more storage and bandwidth)

    Greymatter is a popular Blog software program. Many clients use this program. Another popular program is Moveable Type.
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    to clarify, i am assuming will there be email for each domain as well.

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    if you need seperate email accounts for both the domains then I guess you will need a reseller account. A reseller account will allow you to add more domains anytime you wish to and also you can limit the diskspace and bandwidth used by each of them through WHM (on Linux)
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    maybe instead of shelling out big bucks for a reseller account, i could just buy two smaller shared accounts. but then i'd have to log in twice to administrate i guess. hmm...

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    You can run e-mail for both domains with a simple 'addon domain'. In a nutshell the add-on domain is just sitting in a folder within your 'master' account. Both will share the resources of that account. Depending on that control panel you should also have the option to utilize both domains in regard to e-mail addresses.

    While addon domains aren't always advertised on websites most web hosts can, and do, offer them if you ask.

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    thanks. but the reason i am still confused is that i read this thread.

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    Originally posted by techiecool
    thanks. but the reason i am still confused is that i read this thread.
    I guess add-on domains are domains that can be mapped to different sub-directories under your main account ~

    multiple domains are the same as add-on domains PLUS you can create emeow addressess on any domains that you host~

    Different hosts with different control panels have different meanings on add-on domains. Please ask them when you are planning to go with a host that provide 'true multiple domain hosting' to avoid disappointment.

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    From the thread referenced above:
    <snip> does not get its own email accounts or control panel. <snip>
    That is not true... You can have email accounts with cPanel Add-On Domains.

    The difference between addon domain and true multi domain hosting (if you have Cpanel) is that the addon domain uses from the same resources as your main domain (data transfer/databases etc.), <snip> You do get subdomain logs but you have to download them and analyze them on your computer.
    These two points from the same post are true, however...
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