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    template made...

    I had someone develop a template for a site that I'm going to launch in a month or so.
    The site is basically a 100% real stock game, using real stock values, except that no real money is being exchanged.

    Now, the template is in photoshop, and my graphics skills are somewhat limited because I am a programmer not a visual guy, and I was wondering....
    How can I get photoshop to set the background as to what the background should be?
    Also, how can I get photoshop to convert whatever text that is there to be actual text on the site and not part of an image...

    Or better yet, can anyone please just slice the template up for me and add rollovers and just export it and provide me with a zip that I can just upload and add my content?

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    Yes, I can provide this service to you (slicing the template up) but I will have to charge for it.

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    I'll do it for free. Message me on aim oflipsorryo
    If you don't have aim send me a pm.


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