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Thread: CDONTS error

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    CDONTS error


    I have installed CDONTS on windows 2003 server a long time ago. It worked perfectly fine. This week, the messages are not sending anymore and they stay in the queue folder.

    I checked the event viewer and it gives that error:

    Message delivery to the host 'XX.XX.X.XXX' failed while delivering to the remote domain 'xx***********' for the following reason: The connection was dropped by the remote host.

    I put x's to keep privacy. Can someone please help me with this?? I have no clue why it's not getting through now.

    Note: Cdonts works fine because when I put TWO different email address in the TO: field that link to two different mail server, one responds and I get the message but for the other one, it gives the above error in the event viewer


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    Can it be the email address u are trying to send to have problems?

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    Do a search on blacklists to see if your IP has been black listed. Also search through the email logs and see if there are any reasons given in the log files. Some times a message from places like AOL and Hotmail say that they are not accepting email from this IP address.
    -- Matthew

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    Thanks for your replies but the thing is that it is all internal. I am sending it from my own site and it goes to my own mail server. So there is nothing external, it says that my mail server has dropped the connection. Basically I am running the CDONTS from my Windows box and it connects to my Unix box (where the mail server is).


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    Why do you need to route the mail to the Mail Server on UNIX? Also, have you tried restarting the MS SMTP service?

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