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    AVOID super dot nu

    I open website. Please visit

    <<Do not direct members to your site>>

    1. Be careful when you choose a hosting company. has a lot of
    different domain name. So, even you seems that you bought a hosting
    from another company, sometimes they just change the name of company.
    I or you will report their fake company name in "3. List of company
    from". You should check this list before you decide hosting

    2. From their advertisement, seems to everyone that it is
    most cheapest company in the world. This is Totally cheating the
    customer. Read carefully their option. It has "a lot of expensive
    hidden fee"

    3. Unlimited traffic : They only offer 5 Gbite per month. 12USD/1
    Gbite extra charge.

    4. Unlimited POP3, FTP, Subdomian : True but only "2 per day" and you
    should wait the answer. Subdomian is useless.

    5. Free mySQL : Never ever... If you ask, they will send a bill first.
    And if you said that this option was included, they will say that
    first is free, next is not free. I seems to me very weird. Any time
    you ask something, the guy will send a bill first. If you complain,
    the guy said" I am sorry I forgot" .

    6. Never money back guarantee. : This is amazing issue. This is the
    company in US. No one succeed to get back the money. I also lost 3
    year hosting fee. The owner said he will never retune because of the
    contract. I never see this contract.

    7. Never register your domain name with Them!!! : I lost my domain
    name. I register my domain name until 2010. It was my stupidity. I
    trust this company and ask to register domain name in 1999. After
    problem with them, I ask to transfer the domain name to me. I think I
    send an e-mail more than 10 times. He totally ignore my comment.
    Afterward, he asked me to pay extra cost. It makes me really upset. I
    left my hosting period 3 more year with this company. I ask him reduce
    the money from 3 year hosting fee..He said he will not gonna reture
    hosting fee and either domain name. I found that they are using my
    domin name as a hostage to keep hosting with them. I think this is
    their disgusting plan. I check the case from the gooole, I found
    several same cases like this.

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    3. Unlimited traffic
    I dont care who the company is, cant count how many times Ive said this as well as others. NEVER go with a host offering unlimited space or bandwidth.

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    I've given up trying to tell people that.
    Patron: I'd like my free lunch please.
    Cafe Manager: Free lunch? Did you read the fine print stating it was an April Fool's joke.
    Patron: I read the same way I listen, I ignore the parts I don't agree with. I'm suing you for false advertising.
    Cafe Owner: Is our lawyer still working pro bono?

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    Do a search here or google for fidpac or Steve Gunnels and you can find some interesting information. Fidpac now going by HOSTINGSERVICES LLC, runs a network or hosting sites. Each site has the same offer. Many users have had problems.

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    Yup unlimited space and transfer should be the first sign to run away. The second sign would be no contact phone numbers on the site.

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    man, they had the same site for like 5-6 years now. Absolutely nothing has changed since i remember visiting it years ago (still got the SSI auto date changing etc)

    Curious how you found them?

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