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    Company Name - Multiple Languages

    I'm wondering what you guys think on the use of a company name in multiple languages, do you keep it the same or translate it where possible. Since I'm Canadian, I'm offering service in French and English.

    As you can see in my signature, the company name is Hosting Launch, translated into French is accueil du lancement. I'm trying to figure out which one to use. Is there some kind of general rule about this or what do you guys think about it?

    Any of you offer support in multiple languages?
    Michael MacKinnon

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    Global market you tend to use english if its a new name or just keep it the same everywhere since it's a name it should be written the same everywhere regardless of actual meaning.
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    That's what I was thinking, I kept in HostingLaunch on everything, I was just debating changing it to the French version on all French documents.

    Thanks for the help.
    Michael MacKinnon

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    If you are based in Quebec, then you are required to offer all services and documentation in both French and English. BUT. French MUST be the ONLY language used in advertising.

    But if you are in another province, then you can use the bi-lingual aspect of your company to market the Quebecois market.

    To avoid confusion, and to avoid having people people possibly misinterpeting your business intentions, it would be best to use just the one name for your business, and offer a seperate website (sub-domain possibly) where you can have your french content but using HostingLaunch as the name there. Therefore building brandname recognition.

    After all Safeway is still Safeway in Quebec as is Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corp.

    Just my thoughts...muddled as they are
    Glen Millar
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    same here we translate the name in exact arabic letters but english spelling
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    We are a French-Canadian company located in Quebec. Our website is both French and English. Although our name is kinda weird in English, it works.

    You may have problems getting customers from Quebec with your english name. Not sure about that but people here are quite special
    Charles Beliveau |
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    any good recommendations for translating services/companies?

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    Why don't you try using a REAL unique name? Let's say PEPSI, PEPSI doesn't really mean anything by itself, but it's a worldwide known trademark that everyone will associate with soft drinks.

    The webhosting industry constantly struggles to have "common word" names (or a combination of 2 or more words), however have you ever stoped to think why most major providers offer their services without thinking about that? Verio, Pajo, XO, SagoNet (what does sago mean?), Yipes, Yahoo, etc.
    Fabio A. Calderon

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