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    Lightbulb "Peoples Host Awards", similar to the Webby Awards

    I just came up with the idea of starting an awards presentation "Peoples Host Awards" under different categories. It's not going to be another accreditation site.

    Hosts drive the internet, so I thought it would be great if you had your own award which is similar to the Webby Awards.

    Nominees will be judged monthly by myself and staff once I hire some. The staff wont be connected to any hosting company.

    Hosts will be judged according to how well their site is laid out, reviews from customers in our forum but only if they provide a link to their site, research on the internet, and on WHT and other forums. Negative customer reviews will be taken with a grain of salt.

    Within the next few days I'm going to try to contact Tiffany Shlain and Maya Draisin of The Webby Awards to see if they can sponsor us, but we will also be accepting donations, maybe even advertising.

    If you guys have any suggestions to help make this a success I would greatly appreciate it!


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    Good deal just make sure you dont go the route the hosting directories have gone. Money talks and hosts with no million dollar budget get listed on the very bottom.

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    My site wont be another one of those hosting directories. Peoples Host Awards will have different categories for hosting companies large and small, from dedicated to reseller, ect...

    Actual awards will be given, recognition, plus nominees will also be listed in alphabetical order.
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    Sounds like a great idea!

    I think you should select winners either every 3 or 6 months to give enough time for researching host nominees. Selecting winners every month is not a good idea, yearly for this industry is too long a wait.

    Since you are also judging hosts by their website design, their should be a category for best design for their website designers.
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    Sounds like an idea I'll steal for my Host Reporting website. Gwuahahaha!!!

    JK Good idea, good luck with it, just make sure that if you plan on using adsense (I don't see how else you'd turn a nice profit), make sure you have the customers reviews shinning like a shooting star in each of the company pages. Google changed their algorithm last week and anything less then a review site gets the total shaft on EPC.

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    Giving awards every 3 months sounds like a good idea Hostquest. I also decided to drop the idea of having a forum where customers post reviews, there are plenty of webhosting forums to conduct our research. It would be great if all forums could link to us once the awards site is online, and we to them. Not only will this link exchange bring attention to the awards, but it would increase membership in all forums which will benefit all hosts.

    interneat, page rank doesn't matter when it comes to our awards site " ", just as long as forums link to it.

    To keep things fair, sites that rate hosts wont be considered in our research when judging hosts.
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    I didn't say anything about page rank, or sites that rank hosts for that matter

    Just to clarify, I was talking about if you planned on using it, since I run a similar topic (was offering advice)

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    What we really need is a forum software award. Too many phpBB vs vB or IPB vs vB threads all over the web, nowadays.

    We need some clarifications.

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