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    $100,000.00's - Prepared to spend on profitable websites and domains! [#2]


    Second request here - Nonetheless if you've not seen my first - I am looking for sites making between $10 - $500 daily via Google Adsense. However if you have numerous sites, generating a minimum of $10 a DAY via other advertising venues - I may be interested in making such acquisitions.

    Please do not underestimate, nor question my budget. This is the real deal, fortunately for you all if looking at liquidating profitable websites for large upfront sums (to pursue further endeavors). And or looking at disposing that time consuming website you no longer have a need for. Additionally I am not looking to spend 24-36 months to acquire your site.

    Please private message me if you feel you meet my needs.

    Make sure to include ALL accurate (non-inflated) revenue figures, in addition to traffic stats. Also, I would appreciate if you provided as much detail as possible in regard to the topic/function of your website.

    Thank you all for your time.
    Take care,
    -Michael McGreevy

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    fastgoogle dot com is for sale. send email alperenn at hotmail dot com if you deal

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