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    Aqua-Host.Net, now open, with unbeatable opening offers!

    First of all, thank you for reading this post.

    Secondly, i have just finished working on my hosting companies layout, and we have unbeatable special offers on at the moment.

    Now, i know what your thinking, hmm, its a new company, no customers, better not take the chance, well, thats where your wrong, through word of mouth, i have recieved 20 customers in less than 2 weeks, and am getting new customers all the time, now your probably wondering why, and how.

    Well, Aqua - Host has 24/7 trouble ticket support, domains at only $8, which you can buy with paypal, and we have great packages for super low prices.

    Currently we have a special April / Easter special on, with every package you get 2GB extra space, and 10GB extra bandwidth, and if you pay yearly you also get a free domain and 2 months free!
    Now, the lowest price is $5 a month which has 300mb and 10gb bandwdith,
    so you could be paying $50 a year for a free domain, 2300mb (2.3gb) space, and 20gb bandwidth, with unlimited features such as mysql databses, and ftp accounts and subdomains.

    To see the full list of our hosting packages, please go here.

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    No reseller plans?
    New site:

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    Currently, we cannot offer reseller plans, but by request, you can sell our space to others through you, and when you do that, you can either have more space, or a % off of your payment.

    Aqua - Host is all about saving money for you!

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