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    Has anyone heard anything about I have an account with them and my site has been offline for the past 10 days. I have heard nothing from them, and their main site is also down. Would be nice to hear something...

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    7,391 is loading fine for me..
    but 10 Days of downtime is a lot, are you sure it's not something wrong with your ISP?

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    I'm connecting to everything else fine, and others confirm the site is down. The IH site itself has popped online a couple of times, but I believe has gone down again now. I managed to login to my H-Sphere last night (after having made this thread), but the site was still offline, and now the IH site, my H-Sphere, and my site are all offline again. 10 days is a lot of downtime, I get the impression theres something seriously wrong It is great value though, and I wouldn't mind so much if they just contacted me to say what was wrong. I guess they'll have an explanation though.

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    Sites come back up today, lets hope thats the end of the matter.

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