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    virtual hosting and mysql

    I need linux hosting with php/mysql. Nothing special bandwidth/diskspace wise, (it's only for a beta site).

    Problem is, I need to be able to edit the mysql options file (my.cfg) but I can't find any shared hosting package which allows this, because the settings in that file affect the entire mysql server not just the database. specifically, I need to edit the ft_min_word_len and ft_stop_file variables.

    what are my options? I can't afford dedicated hosting. can anyone suggest a host or a workaround?


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    You would probably need to email the host with a support ticket in order to have those variables modified.

    i recommend .

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    If you go with a VPS then you will be able to change the mysql.cfg .

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    Try emailing the host if he will do it for you...
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    What you want is a VPS (Virtual Private Server), because thats the only want you'll be able to modify those values and not affect everyone else. You *might* be able to get those values modifed on some hosts, but be warned if they don't ask questions. I know I would ask questions (reasonable ones, of course) about why they need it, just so I have some justificiation. If the host you're looking at just blindly changes MySQL values without any research into what they do, I dunno if I'd trust them for my hosting...
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    You would also need to specifically request Mysql 4.x version since these variables are not in 3.x versions. Not everyone is upgrading to Mysql 4.x just yet and risk breaking critical mysql databases.

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