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    Talking ModernBill Configuration

    After a few days of playing around with modern bill I've come to the realization that I just don't get it despite how easy others have told me it is

    Rather than having someone in my company spend hours trying to figure it out, I would like to hire someone to configure it to our needs. These include using 2checkout/paypal, enom, and ensim.

    More details may be provided as you request.

    This is NOT a need for design, simply configuration.

    Iím not sure what something like this is going to cost, so Iím going to take offers.

    Ross Sherman

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    I may be in the same boat, and if someone has a quote I would also be interested.

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    Jhorra, I have a WHT member doing my Mb as we speak. I'll refer him to you based on the job he does
    Ross Sherman

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    EDIT: you found a guy, nevermind.
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