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    Signup Scipt (Needed)

    please give me a quote for a signup script. It needs to be able to:

    Take the following info in a form:


    Package, (drop down box)

    For free hosting (reason why)

    if need be a payment gateway which generates a page (i.e paypal or 2checkout). For accounts with payment gateways when payment is recieved the account is automatically created via WHM and cpanel. For ones without an admin must accept or declines the application.

    Please post quotes below and contact info.

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    My lowest quote is $100 can anyone beat that?

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    I didn't fully understood what you're asking. Signup script that interract with payment gateway (paypal, 2checkout) and autocreates accounts in WHM ? If so I can help you, contact me

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    noc32^ has a quote of $80 anyone beat it?

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    My quote is $60.

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    I'd quote for about $80 too, but I just want you to know that the cheaper the coder doesn't mean you'll get the best. You will pay for what you get. I don't want to take this from noc32 if you do choose to go with an $80, but if things don't work out let me know.

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    I agree.

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    I am also a programmer but currently full of projects. I can't assist you, but will give you a good quote. I would agree at about $80.

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    Originally posted by nichnet
    My quote is $60.
    So you are going to pay yourself to do it?

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    No, this is my not so bright brother trying to... well u know. $80 is about the best quote so I'll probably go with one of them .

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    I'm gonna try this: nixt script as it is free. Just to see how it goes - thanks for the interest.

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