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    Do I need a monitor, keyboard & KVM switch?

    I'm thinking of colocating a number ( 8 ) of servers in my own cabinet in a local data center and have been offered a reasonable deal on a 1u TFT display, keyboard and trackball. Reasonable still means over 500 and I'm wondering if there is any option to use a laptop to control the servers instead. I know that I can administer the servers across the network when everything is working well but it's those times when a system is down or won't boot that I'm wondering about.

    Can anybody offer me any advice.

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    Usually a datacenter will have carts with monitors/keyboards you can check out and roll to your rack. Not all, but every one I've been in. The down side is, every time you need it you have to move it over there, plug it in, etc.. That obviously takes time, but if you dont expect using to too often, I would check into that.


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    If you are running Linux, get a 9" inch monitor for less than $100, and KVM switch and keyboard....if you wish, i see someone put a MAC cube in a full rack.

    But DC will have screens for you but they are really crappy one, if you want professional one, get a LCD and put it in your rack~ ... 1U LCD and etc....i dont think is worth while getting it.


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