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Thread: Cart32 Hosts?

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    Cart32 Hosts?

    I'd appreciate any comments regarding hosts offering Cart32 for ecommerce. I'm in a situation where thanks to my current host messing up our email, I have to move in a hurry. Othewise, I'd take some time and evaluate other carts along the way. For now, I need a cart32 host that is reliable. We're a non-profit org and thus don't have tons of bucks, but I'm willing to pay for reliable service.

    Any good or bad experiences would be appreciated. Many thanks.


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    Movnig this to the ecommerce section where it belongs. Reading is fundamental.

    Please follow it there if you have any info, thanks.

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    Try searching google for hosts, then you can read reviews about them here.. or try Host Quote above
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Tried that, two host so far don't have any recent feedfack or comments on them. And quality can change in three or four months. I'll try that host quote option.

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