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    Hosting application review processes

    I am very curious as to what types of review processes some of the hosts here actively practice.

    I'm not talking about spotting credit card fraud, I am talking about trying to determine whether or not the client that is making application for an account with you will be a good client.

    Do you run SPAM checks on their domain?
    What about checks on their email address?
    Do you Google their domain?
    Do you Google their WHOIS contact information?

    We do all this and much more and the results have led to denying plenty of hosting applications. After reading what some companies deal with as far as problem clients are concerned I am convinced it's a sound approach. However there are times when we are sending out that "Application failed review" email that I do second guess the practice. So far we have avoided most of the problems I would consider to be serious so that is what I tell myself when we reject an application.

    So what do you do for a review?

    Do you actively practice a review process?

    Do you actually reject applications?

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    Thats an interesting Question. When i first recieve the 'application' i often sweep over the information provded for inconsitancy. I also check out the domain, and thats about it really. You get some clients who will deliberately falsify information about themselves. I had one who said they live in the UK, then providing an American format phone number.

    I can't really say i go as far as running checks on their email or anything. I do however do weekly checks on my clients sites to see whats happening. I dont do a 'review' process before i accept them, and its relatively rarely i reject clients. Just as its rare i ever get any that break the TOS.
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    we dont do shared hosting, so our checks are a bit different. the main concern, us being a higher end provider, is people who feel they will be handed a 'pink contract' if they pay a few thousand a month. in the words of one prospective client: 'so what that you got a few hundred hits on nanas/nanae for our company name, we are going to be paying $3500 a month!'. sorry, not going to happen.

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