Infrenion Communications began operations in August 2002. We are now looking to expand our sales team so we are going to be hiring new Sales Reps to help us expand our customer base.
New hires will have commission-based wages and depending on the volume of sales, may be given a salary base.

Experience in a sales position is preferred but we will consider you if you are fairly new to sales.

You will need to have:-
- Good English skills
- Basic knowledge with Red Hat Linux....basics
- Basic Knowledge with cPanel/whm...features and what it does
- To be online actively to man our site’s Live Chat (flexible hours, no shift)
- To be able to respond to our helpdesk’s sales tickets

You will be responsible for
- Finding and negotiating with potential clients
- Answer any sales related questions
- Finding and exploring new avenues of sales
- Market the company if necessary

What you get...
- A corporate personal email address (pop3/webmail)
- 50% Commission on sales upfront
- Bonuses for quotas met and other bonuses from time to time
- Job can be put on resume

If you have any questions or would like to work for us, please send in an email together with your details and work experience to [email protected]