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    [REQUEST] PHP Image Gallery

    Hello, I own a GTA website (Grand Theft Auto: Video Game). Many GTA websites have a stunt challenge, where they use the motorcycle in the game, do a stunt on it, take a screenshot of it, and send it in. They are starting to be pretty popular. I wanted to do this but not manually like all of the other websites, but done in PHP. What they do is post their picture in a form, then it shows in the gallery. Once its in the gallery, then people click on the picture and vote for it. At the end of the week the winner gets their name posted, etc... It would be unlike all of the other GTA websites, as they have judges vote instead of the viewers. I dont have very much money to work with, so please keep that in mind.


    BTW, the website is

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    I have a script.

    Please PM Me with your msn messenger address

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    Originally posted by Bladez

    I have a script.

    Please PM Me with your msn messenger address

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    Sorry was not what I am looking for, anyone else?

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    Hi SandroBird,

    Not sure if you can use it, but I've been using Gallery Gallery on one of my fan sites. You can go here to view the gallery on my site

    Again, I'm not sure if you can use it but, it does have a voting option on public photos, plus visitors can comment on photos. I have turned off the voting, and comment option on the U2exit site.


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    As Kevin2001 sayed Gallery is a very nice option, Im really familarizated with it, have done nice customisations and Im sure it fits all your needs, and also can be easily intergated to your site as a module...
    PM me if you need help customizing it/installation
    Alejandro Munoz

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    If you PM or email (chris [at] with details, I'll get you a quote.

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    I don't know what PHP script you are currently running, but Gallery works great for me. It is easy to integrate it into a PHP Nuke or Postnuke site. The documentation is pretty good , but configuring the gallery can be somewhat difficult, especially the NetPBM or ImageMagick part (these are the server side apps that make the thumbnails/resize pictures/rotate pics, etc).

    If you need help setting up Gallery, email me [email protected] and I will help you out. I have struggled through my first install, and am now proficient, having installed a total of 6 galleries.

    No charge for my help.

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