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    Need input and criticism

    I just started this site two weeks ago, making that the end of March, and now that Iíve worked out all the major kinks I saw, I need some outside criticism. Pick it apart, tear it up, and letís see if it goes back together a little better than how youíll find it now.


    P.S. Be Hard on me!!!

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    Nice art pieces but web designing is very much different or the same as creating a piece of fine art.

    There are some of my pointers that might help you
    1) Theme: I don't see a theme to it. Are you going for a art gallery style? or ...?

    2) Purpose: What is the purpose of your site? Can you see whether you are promote art as art or selling art pieces when you first look at it?

    3) Colour tone: Your art pieces seems to bring joy and happiness in a way. Your dull and dark colours as a background seems ..

    4) smoothness and blend: You might be cutting and pasting your image to get the information done in a web page style. This makes the website doesn't look as smooth. Might be you are new to this form of art. However, You might want to go and search for some graphic forums whereby they give you lots of tips on doing electric art form.

    I dare not comments too much to a real artist. But hope my pointers do help you find your inspiration somehow.

    Good luck and nice try for a start.

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    I know this thread is old, but...

    Sorry it took me a while to give your suggestions my best shot, acid base. I did, though. Would you mind giving it a second run? Check out my site again, the new one, inspired by your criticism, and tell me what you think. Anybody? What do you like about it? What canít you stand? If you donít mind me quoting from the last post:

    ďPick it apart, tear it up, and letís see if it goes back together a little better than how youíll find it now.Ē

    Yours again,
    And thanks in advance!

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    Hi Fred,

    I don't think anyone's accused me of not being honest yet, so I'll try not to start now.

    I didn't see the original, so I have no basis for comparison, but, if from what I gather, this is your first foray into the world of online development, welcome! From the perspective of a beginner's design, it's not a bad start. But there's much to learn.

    You have a few careless errors in your code. Nothing major, but one of your metatags has 'content' misspelled (NBD, practically all search engines gave up on keywords a long time ago). Your style sheet is misplaced and should contain the type="text/css" attribute. It should be in the <head> section or linked in an external document, and your line-height value needs to specify a unit (3em is what you meant, I assume?). The image map seems out of place, considering it is mapping what would otherwise be straightforward inline links, but this isn't necessarily wrong, just something to consider.

    You have a big structural error in here that's simply glaring. Though browsers won't keel over and die from it, you've used <h*> tags to display paragraphs. This is what <p> tags are for. <h*> tags should be used to define the content heirarchy and label sections of content based on importance/categorization. I see you've begun your study of CSS, and understanding the importance of using structural markup properly will be a valuable lesson learned as you dive deeper into the technology.

    Finally, you make profuse use of the <font> tag. At best, this is a headache waiting to happen (esp. when you change your mind about fonts later). At worst, it has the potential to cause some potentially serious usability issues that may hinder the viewing of your text - not to mention W3C HTML 4.01 standards have deprecated the <font> tag, meaning technically it no longer exists in a specification and future browser support is not guaranteed (though it's likely to exist). Without going into detail here, all text information is best handled through CSS. I understand you're probably just getting a hande on CSS, so consider making the migration of your font styles to CSS as a next step in the learning process.

    Now, onto the visual elements. This is obviously a simple, less-is-more design. Not only is this acceptable, this technique can be extraodinarily striking and beautiful. I'm not feeling it. It feels too heavy and disjointed. Part of this might be the rough textures in the top-of-page elements. Part is definitely the boxed portions. It feels like your visual flow gets disrupted over and over. And your text is so far down the screen, someone with a smaller browser window or lower screen resolution might think this is a content-less portal page.

    For starters, I would consider a side-by-side presentation with a reduced version of your framed art image and content next to it. Maybe this is the first step toward the right answer, maybe not. But it's one of many possibilities. Try thinking of others.

    I had an exercise I would try every once in a while when I was starting to get more into designing for the Web. I would find sites that I thought were visually appealing and attempt to recreate them on my own, just to see if I could do it. This is probably not the best creative move, and you'll want to balance this with a heavy dose of creative inspiration (whoever your muse might be), but I began to mold my technical skills. And the more I learned to do with code, the more possibilities opened up for me as a designer.

    So, I hope you've enjoyed this little novel and it has some worth to you. I look forward to seeing FredSteinArt v.3.0 in the future.

    Paul H
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    Originally posted by the_pm

    I don't think anyone's accused me of not being honest yet, so I'll try not to start now.


    I had an exercise I would try every once in a while when I was starting to get more into designing for the Web. I would find sites that I thought were visually appealing and attempt to recreate them on my own, just to see if I could do it.
    Paul H
    i have appreciated your honesty many times when reading through the threads. It is how we learn to correct things and move forward. i, for one, appreciate the honest unbiased critiques.

    i thought i was the only one that did that exercise. i have done that with graphics so many times, the trying to recreate what has already been done, to learn how and then to try and expand on it. It is an awesome exercise in learning, even though these things never get posted anywhere. And some i just never could recreate but came up with something totally different, which is good too *s*

    You have a great start there Fred and your art is incredible. Best of luck to you with your site.

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    I'm not a fan of the gallery navigation. It's definitely different, but I dont like it.

    Do you create each page in your gallery? If so, consider using an image gallery script instead. You'll spend more time painting and less time creating html docs.

    Also, when I go to "", I can see the contents of this directory. You should fix this, either with a server config change or by inserting blank "index.html" docs in all of your sub folders.

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    Hi New Artist,

    I saw your website I have a few comments/suggestions

    1. You should place your text content at the top of the home page for all to see. This gives your site visitors an idea of what your site is about; up front.

    2. I like the art work , but feel the site needs to be a little more user friendly. Not a big fan of the background color you've chosen.

    Keep up the good work

    Best Regards,

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    WOW!!!! You guys have given me a LOT to think about! Thanks so much, guys, for giving me an honest opinion of my work! Itís easy to find compliments. I find it very hard to get honest criticism. Awesome stuff!!!!!! Thanks to The_PM for getting ďunder the hoodĒ, as well!! I got a lot out of that little novel!! Iíll do better, code wise as well as visual, this time through. You could say I have more than a lot to learn!! Thanks for the encouragement as well!

    I feel I should clear a few misunderstandings upÖ.

    There are two artists in our family. There is my dad, the painter, whose work I am very proud of!! Then there is me, his son, who actually knows what HTML stands for. *Laugh* So, my new art form is web design. When I say new I mean Iíve been at it for about two months, and a week or so. Before then I didnít know what HTML was. Dad told me he wanted a Website, bought me some books, and now I have a new hobby. Promoting his art through an art form in itself.

    I know people who use programs. I edit HTML by hand because I find beauty in it. Does anyone agree?

    Speaking of beauty!! The_PM, I checked under the hood of your personal site. Itís flawless!!! Thatís beauty!!! Thatís inspiration!

    Hey, thanks again, and Iíll post the new site when it comes aroundÖalthough it might be a bit before I apply all this stuff.

    One question to mulder, though. Just so I understand you right. Please elaborate on why you donít like the gallery. If there are more who would like to see it go, IĎm referring to the gallery design, or would like to see it stay, address it if you will.

    Wow! Iíve learned so much. Thanks!

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    P.S. I was reminiscing, and I think we would all have a good laugh over v 1.0. Iíve still got a copy of it. Iíll have to post it for laughsÖ later on.

    I was able to fix some of the major problems on the home page if you want to give it another look.

    Incase you want to compare, the old homepage has the following URL:

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