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    Ultraunix Review


    I've been with ultraunix from Nov 12, tats like almost 5 months now...and all I have to say is they offer very good service. They support is very quick. They had few downtimes while shifting datacentres but nothing serious. They're always there to help customers!

    I wud recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality with a decent price

    btw my url is
    unfortunately i plan to shift to a budget reseller soon, so thought I'd post a review b4 doing so


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    Thanks for the review ganeshcp, but would you mind offering a few follow up questions?

    1) How long would you say is the average response time to a trouble ticket? (besides being quick)

    2) What kind of support options do they have available (phone, aim, email, etc)?

    Glad you had a good time with a host. It's always nice to hear someone who didn't have a rough time.
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    I would like to echo this positive review of UltraUnix.NET, who I have been a customer of for almost 4 months.

    UU hosts which is a free pichosting service I offer to a few forum communities. If you'd like to test download speeds, here is a 14.6MB file (right click SAVE TARGET AS), it's a video of a motorcycle going almost 200MPH.

    Considering I am only paying $13.99/mo for a WHM/cPanel resellers account with RVSKIN and Fantastico hosted on a Dual XEON, 2GB RAM, 2x36GB SCSI located at the CyberWurx data center, I'd say that I'm definitely getting my money's worth.

    I've only had one MAJOR bad experience. A month or so ago, from what I recall the DC tried to update the kernel, something went wrong and the entire HD and it's contents were deleted. Fortunately they had a 3 day backup (from their Malaysia site) but that didn't really help me since I run a dynamic site with new content every day. This regrettably made me move to a more reliable web host (HTTPme.COM. Simple support tickets can take a while to receive a response to (usually 1-2 hours).

    I have never had a billing or support mishap. Although tickets take 1-2 hours to respond to, the responses have always offered a friendly and knowledgeable solution.

    Barring another major disaster, I plan on staying with UU indefinitely.
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    1) How long would you say is the average response time to a trouble ticket? (besides being quick)
    I would say an average of one to two hours.

    2) What kind of support options do they have available (phone, aim, email, etc)?
    They have email, aim support. Check their website for phone support (i'm an international subscriber so i dont bother abt it)

    Wong is usually onling on yahoo when I login. Besides I'd like to add that they've helped me with problems with my board and gallery. I made an admin a/c for them, which they used to solve my problems. Isn't that sweet lol.

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    I have an account with and echo what others have said. UU so far has been fine with minimum down time.

    UU has both icq & aim account and I have them both in my trillian program (just in case) ;-) I have contacted UU via AIM and they responded within a couple of seconds!

    Over all (for me) it's been smooth sailing.

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    Thanks Ganesh, Ross & Kevin for the support and we shall strive harder to make things perfect!

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    Good job UltraUnix (Wong)... It's very nice to read that customers are satisfied with a host.

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    Another satisfied customer here, at least on the support side. Regarding that small outtage, it was unfortunate, but it was good to have Wong email us and keep us up to date on what was/had gone wrong.


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    Glad to see a positive review on a Malaysia based hosting service, UU.

    Good luck.

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