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    Question Problem - Proxy, SSL, CitadelHost

    I wonder is anyone out there that reseller of Citadelhost that had the same problem.

    I cannot connect to cPanel or WHM if I connect from system that using Ms Proxy Server 2.0. The error said about "SSL port not allowed.".

    Our system:
    Server using NT4 SP6 with MsProxy Server 2.0
    Client using IE 6

    Microsoft said that it happen because the website using port other than 443.
    I already asked Citadelhost and they said the SSL was fine and working with port 443.

    BTW, I had a few clients that asked to me about the same problem.

    Anyone could help me ?

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    You are likely trying to connect to cpanel and whm on the default ports of 2082/2083 or 2086/2087.

    Proxy server likely has those ports blocked.
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