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    any place to auction off domains other than afternic?

    I was thinking of joining afternic but then i read this

    "All domains that sell on Afternic incur the Sales/Escrow Fee and both parties receive instructions automatically after the sale."

    "Sales/Escrow Fee* (paid by seller): 10%, $60 minimum "
    "Escrow Fee*: 3%, $60 minimum"

    now if im gonna sell a domain that only goes for about $100 im gonna have to give them $60??? and i only get $40 out of it. now that just doesnt seem worth it. I personally probably wont need the escrow service since they will be small sales. I think just paypal would be fine. so any suggestions for auction type sites like afternic where i dont have to pay big fees?

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    10,573 is free

    or paid or using domain specific forums like

    or using WHT advertising forum Domains related offers and requests
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  3. #3 is not free ( you pay twice one time for listing and if you sell they will charge you 5% final value fee )
    eNom very discounted reseller / retail accounts (Click here )

    Rare 2 , 3 char / letter domains for sale ( Click here )

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