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    19 Domains For Sale

    Below is a list of domains I have for sale. Some have been registered recently, some have been online awhile and are already receiving traffic and making sales. PayPal only. Please only contact me if you are truly serious. Any offers below what is stated will be deleted without reply.



    ADULTWEBMASTERHELP.US - Offers Over $100

    BAREBONESPCS.COM - Offers Over $750

    CHEAP-ADULT-TRAFFIC.COM - Offers Over $100

    CHEAP-PCS.US - Offers Over $100, (Includes Files)

    CHEAP-TEMPLATES.US - Offers Over $250, (Includes Files)

    CHEAP-WEBSITE-HOSTING.US - Offers Over $250

    CHEAP-WEBSITE-TRAFFIC - *Moneymaker Right Now* $1800 FIRM, Includes Files. Great Google, MSN and Yahoo listings, try all related keywords and see for yourself. Regularly earns $700+ clear profit per month from search engine traffic alone, could do much better with promotion effort and/or paid advertising. Can supply PayPal proof for dead-serious inquiries only.

    CHEAPESTVACATIONS.NET - *High-Potential* Keyword Domain. Offers Over $1000 Only, this domain can be sat on and will still appreciate in value.

    DOWNLOAD-MP3S.NET - Offers Over $500, (Includes Files)

    FLASH-INTROS-FREE.COM - Offers Over $250

    FREEPORNBROWSER.US - Offers Over $100

    GPS-TRACKING.NET - Offers Over $500

    KLANDESTINE.US - *Underground or Games-Oriented Domain Name, $20 Firm.

    OPEN-OFFICE-CDS.COM - Offers Over $250, (Includes Files)

    SATELLITE-DISH-NETWORK.NET - Offers Over $250, (Includes Files)

    TOTALLY-FREE-GAMES.COM - Offers Over $250

    TRAFFIC-BROKERS.NET - Offers Over $500, (Includes Files)

    *Domains that say "Includes Files" include whatever you see when you visit the URL, including any graphics, SWF, HTML, etc.

    Email me at: [email protected] with your best offer, be sure to specify the domain(s) you want.

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    I don't want to disappoint you, but I guess your asking prices are way too high! Most domain names that include a - are sold for less than 50.00 unles they contain some cool words, maybe would be worth some money, but has 3 words, 2 -'s and it's not that easy to remember.

    However I'm interested in, as it's the only one being offered at a reasonable price. What payment methods do you accept?
    Fabio A. Calderon

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    i agree i agree

    i agree i agree i agree i agree
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    Well, I guess the only way that I can accept payment as of this morning is via Western Union or snail mail. PayPal has decided to freeze my account once again for no reason whatsoever, guess it's time for another litigation-threatening email to get it unfrozen within a few hours, LOL....

    If you're still interested in, shoot me an email to: [email protected] and we'll work out payment somehow.

    Also, is actually worth far more than my asking price, (-'s, three words, or not!). The site always generates $700+ per month in profit after my costs, and consistently has excellent search engine listings on the big three. The entire site except for the "terms" page has been indexed by Google as well.

    And I may be wrong, but I believe CheapestVacations.Net is easily worth $1000 by just about anyone's would be really tough to convince me otherwise, since it is non-hyphenated, only two words, and the domain name itself is a search term that is being used every day by a lot of surfers.

    My goal with (and the other hyphenated domains) isn't so much to make it easy to remember, but to make it generate search type-ins; I've already proven to myself that Google doesn't really care about hyphens very much, if at all with the site. I try to establish domains that will get picked up by search engines without much real thought about whether they are very easy to remember or not.....just go to Google, Yahoo!, and/or MSN and type in "cheap website traffic". or, "cheap adult traffic", or, "cheap mainstream traffic", and you'll see what I mean, ("cheap traffic" does pretty well for me on Google as well).
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