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    Hey guys. I need help with my crossover for basketball. Could you guys tell me your style.

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    watch video of Iverson.. you'll get it quick !

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    That's.. a particularly odd question for a webhosting forum. I don't even know what a crossover is. :-X
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    Start out with the ball, dribbling with your left hand. Now quickly take a wide step to your left, leaning and head faking to the left as well. If your man doesn't react to this then drive by him on the left side. But if he goes for the fake then the next step is to cross him over and go right. You must totally change direction and bring the ball way over to your right so that he can't knock the ball away as you are going by him. Push off from your left foot and speed towards the basket. If you do not run full speed then the defender will recover.

    This is similar to the crossover that Allen Iverson of the 76er's does except that he does not drive so soon, he crosses him over again and drives with the ball in his left hand.

    Look at videos / pictures and practice practice practice.
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    If you still can't get it, I havea video somewhere of me and my friends playing ball, you'll get it easy from that, one of my friends talks someone through it on camera.
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