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    what are you looking for it?

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    taking offers -

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    it's showing as a PR4 for me.
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    looks interesting how much would you say is a good price?

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    shows pr5 for me on and

    as far as price... make an offer. -

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    I take it your looking for $1,000+?
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    Has AOL contacted you about the use of AIM in your domain? I know that was forced to change their name to after being contacted by AOL.


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    I am no lawyer (my sister is)but technically they can not shut down that site because the word AIM is only trademarked and not copyrighted. It goes the same for can make sites with the word hosting in them, words can not be copyrighted

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    To the contrary, AOL would have no problem shutting the site down and having them change the name if AOL can prove that the site/name infringes on its intellectual property (the trademarked "AIM"). AOL, Microsoft, eBay.....All have done so successfully on numerous occasions.

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