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  1. #1 impressions? any major negative phenomena recently?

    Dear all,

    I'm running a web/new media agency in Greece, and on my quest to find a dedicated hosting partner, i have ended up with two options:

    So, what is your experience with these two hosts for small businesses websites hosting? i need something fast.. and of course minimal downtime..

    Thanks in advance for any help..

    Keep up the great work here

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    You should look around these forums if you haven't already.

    Ev1 has a stable network so you will get minimal downtime there (virtually none for the last 1.5 years for me, depends on the segment probably). Their support can be iffy, but if you only need it for reboots then you will be fine.

    Can't say anything about first hand. *Seems* that they are getting better...

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    thanks for your input, man. That's what i was thinking.. that i would go with ev1 to be safe.. however as we can see it's double the cost for an inferior machine..

    on the other hand managed only supports redhat 9 w/ cpanel - whm...

    oh well

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    You can also try -- they also have a stable network but a few growing pains latelly (slow support). I'm not convinced EV1's price is all that great either... but I'm not yet confident I can trust enough. Just my opinion.

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    well my self i cant see any reason paying that much to Ev1 but again this is me.
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    I agree with Boost. Change it to SM and Managed..
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    just checked SM plans.. and they look great... will make another research on their offerings and this board and hope to come up with a good solution

    btw they arent asking for too much.. even with their silver plan and a p4 @ 2.4G they are still cheaper than unmanaged ev1 celeron @ 2.0G

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    Re: impressions? any major negative phenomena recently?

    Originally posted by steliosx

    Basically you are going to pay for over US$200 for ev1 with tax, don't be fool with the marketing trick $189, everyone is interested in EV1's server should actually add about another 10% on whatever it's advertised just for the tax, if you go with any other hosts even in Houston, TX, you really pay for what it says unless you are a local resident.
    By the way steliosx, if you're going to pay for $200, you can get a much better quality hosts that EV1 IMO like cyberwurx, GNAX and Servint. For cyberwrux, I have a server there for over 2 years and no downtime, also I can get over 2.4MB/s when downloading the famous test file at, whereas only 700-800KB/s from my server at EV1. Whenever you have problems with your server everytime, they just advice you to have a OS restore which costs from $50 to 120 per incident. I fail to see a point going with EV1 with the amount money you are going to pay, you can definitely get a much better host out there!

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    EV1 is very good actually, their network is stable as well as their support. I cancelled 2 servers from them out of 4 yesterday was because I have my own rack with other company and I don't need those servers anymore.
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    managed is good, but ping to ev1 is better. if i were you, i would take ev1.
    i can give you a test on a managed server, if you need
    no problem.

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    Just dealt with Managed about switching to their system and would have to say it was horrible. Poured my heart and soul out about my current provider problems, that I was looking for a more stable situation and my reply was "Thank you for your interest. It's best that you peruse the various hosting forums for comments and opinions from our customers." The reply came back quick but I wouldn't hold my breath for support based on what I have seen in these forums.... Luck to you....

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    i see..

    Thanks to everyone for the input provided.. guess i'll be going with ServerMatrix.. several reasons for this..

    Glad i decided to post here before I ordered ev1

    thanks again to everyone..

    now on to the next task: choose control panel between cpanel+whm and plesk 7

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