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Thread: Good Bid?

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    Good Bid?

    It seems like a great deal to get $5,000 worth of software from a person with good feedback. What do you think?

    PS: I've been seeing that bundle advertised a lot is it some sort of MS promotion?

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    If it IS a good bid then i suggest you cop one up soon as, as you've just advertised a 'good deal' on a massive forum filled with people who would be interested in that kind of stuff.

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    Not had much experience with M$ Server s/w, would the ommision of CAL's make the server stuff unusable (in a legal sense) & how much would they add to the cost (e.g. 5 users)?

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    There are quite a few of these offers so i wasnt worried about being out bidded.

    also amount of users probably dont apply to me.

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    go to and search for Microsoft Action pack, almost the exact same thing with same programs, but more. (you get all the new programs for a year)

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    wow thats an impressive bundle.

    Do they have any sort of restrictions so you can't host on it though?

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    I'm not sure If it really matters much, I haven't hosted on it, I just used the xp keys, office keys and outlook keys.... I do have windows 2003 enterprise running on a server at home, but I don't think there is a restriction, you cool look on the page....

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