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    * control panel help?

    still a little green. I have my webhost and domain name and a c panel up and working for my website but how exactly to I upload my files so they can be viewed by the public?
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    First item you want to do is get an FTP client. You can get I believe FileZilla for free here. or net

    next look at the welcome email you got from your host fro your ftp settings.

    For Cpanel you want to enter the info like this:

    Name of your site
    ftp.your ip that is in your welcome email
    username: just your username
    password: just your password.

    now choose normal for the login.

    make sure you upload all your files to the www. directory.

    There is a better more secure way to do this but since you are new to this you can use this first then do a search on sftp.

    when you get to sourceforge just type in the left search box filezilla or ftp and you will see it. make sure you have winzip

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    /www/ is just a shortcut to /public_html/

    Everything there is viewable to the public unless you put a password on it.

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    Another good FTP program that I have been using for a while is smartFTP: . Can't go wrong with that.

    You fill in the same information that sandee29 said and click on the /public_html/ directory once it has connected.

    You can treat this /public_html/ as the root of your public files. So everything in /public_html/ will show up in . If you make a web page in /public_html/mysite/index.html then it will show up at .
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