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    Angry Dot5hosting VERY VERY SUCKS AND BAD

    Dear ALL,

    Am asking all registrar companies in the whole world do not deal with this sucks and steal company , they are liers , our server goes down for 3 weeks in feb 2004 , for 3 weeks continuosly ,
    they lie and tell us they migrating and transfer data ehen the server goes up again it was the same server.

    then after week the server ns9 goes down again and until now its down .

    they are so much bad . and when they migrate the sites all our data email,clients,users, that our customers have is gone and deleted they said they dont have backup.

    they are stealing money from you then leave you ! we suffered from them and here some conversation that happen with us


    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Tech'
    Tech:Welcome to Dot5hosting! Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative...This is Cindy here.How can I help you?
    you:hello cindy
    you:hapy easter
    youweety please could you check if transferred to my new registrar
    Techlease initiate your domain transfer to new registrar.
    you:i initiate it
    you:they initiate it yesterday
    Tech:we haven't got the mail for domain transfer from you registrar.
    you:could you please check for me the billing email , is it working fine now
    youoi could send them emails
    you:check email support
    you:did you got any emails
    Tech:i had checked. i haven't got ant email.
    you:why your company like this !
    Techlease tell your new registrar to send a request for domain transfer to us.
    you:what NOw ? your company take the money and go away
    Tech:We haven't got any request from them.
    youk , but why your company so bad like this
    you:they just take money and leave us then, do they think there is no law we can use
    youur plan so bad , and all our data gone
    you:all our emails all data for our clients and domains gone
    youur ns9 still having problem
    Tech:We are very sorry . But please elaborate your issue.
    you:elaborate my issue cindy
    Tech:ns9 sites are migrated to new server.
    you:cindy stop it please
    you:do not tell me migrating and please do not lie on me
    Tech:I am not lieing
    you:migrating we want to cancel everything
    you:we dont want to renew
    you:we want to refund for us 255$ plus the 30$ for the domains that didnt transferrd & , u just take the money and you didnt transfer it to us
    you:dont you think there is law we can destroy this company and make them pay for us alot of money, dont think we are stupied we have lawyers and they know exactly what they can do
    youince the data and emails are files your company responsible about them
    you:and these files gone and dont know where are they
    Techlease send an email to [email protected] mentioning your request in details, so that our Tech's can review the issue and update you with the status asap.
    you:you are wasting time! and we want to refund the money for us 285$
    you:am not gonna send emails , because no one reply , i have alot of friend in scotland yard and they are lawyers
    Tech:We are very sorry we can't refund you.
    you:i sent to them fax for all invoices that we paid, and the plan stop and the files gone and they are arrange them selfs
    you:you cant refund our money
    youo you dont want refund our money
    Tech:no . I am sorry
    you:do you want us to use the law and let scotland yard handle this issue to refund for us our money
    you:and tell them that you are stealing money
    you:and do you want me to contact enom and
    you:to refund my own money, is your company wants this to make it big deal
    you:we are not playing here , our server down and everything not working fine and your support keep lieing migrating ,shifting , system admins
    you:working on the issue and you keep lieing
    you:as before and nothin happen at all
    you:we want to refund us 285$ as compensation for the damages that we got from your bad company
    you:am talking to you
    you:give some damin respect to your customer when they talk to you !
    Tech:I am very very sorry but i can't help you.
    Tech:You can mail to [email protected]
    you:how is that you can help me
    Tech:no i can't
    you:i email him
    Tech:I can't give you refund.
    you:and i email ceo and billing and support,sales,admin,
    you:am not telling you to give me refund
    you:your company must refund for us the money we didnt use the plan in good way only the first month
    you:then the problems start
    you:what you just make everything perfect after you take the money you let the server goes down to make the custmer leave and so on
    youur server 3 weeks down and you know about this
    you:in feb
    you:and now too our servers down
    you:what migrating ! shifting ! OHH ya i forget the DNS problem
    Techir we will not be able refund you
    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator

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    Shouldnt this be put in Dedicated Server Forum ???

    **just a suggestion**

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    Ya wrong forum. This is the advertising forum. Reported.
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    Looks like a Dedicated Server Problem. So moved to Dedicated Server Forum.
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