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    Robboard - I Give Up!

    Hi, before I start slagging Robboard, Perl, CGI and any other thing remotely related to the damn thing I thought I would come and ask you lot!

    I am trying to install robboard on a subdomain (not sure if the subdomain thing matters, i wouldnt have thought so but maybe it does) and i have followed the intructions in the read me file perfectly, i have checked it 4 times and everything is correct but for some stupid reason I am getting an error.

    As you can see it says "Unable to open /bbs/data.txt", now, my first response was it was a chomding problem, but, just like it says in the readme file data.txt is chomoded to 777.

    I am completly stumbled.

    If you go to you can quite cleary see it is there because no 404 page appears.

    Someone please proove me wrong here and say I have done something wrong.

    - Jamie Harrop

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    It could be the way the sub-domain is set up on the server. I will say I know nothing about CGI but try changing the path to ../bbs/data.txt

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