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    Looking for advice: Connectivity out at sea...

    A school group I work closely (I generally manage their website, as well as do a little of the 'computer stuff' as and when they need) with approached me early this week looking for advice/suggestions and if possible, a solution.

    They are planning a short (about 1-2 weeks) sailing expedition on a decent sized sailboat. They'd like some form of 'connectivity' back home, where they can send say a short report/writeup each day (or twice a day), with perhaps a couple of photos; and it'd be updated on their website.

    I guess we'd like to be able to do this as 'efficently' as possible to minimise cost of such a 'link'.

    I'm currently thininking of doing it via emails, as I'll be back here, and can post up their trip report as they come in; but I'm open to any other suggestions.

    The other thought I had was perhaps a movabletype installation, although that might not be suitable as I'd think the 'link' has to be up for a bit longer vs just emails.

    I believe they'll be resonably close to the coast, and *may* be able to use GSM/GPRS roaming; but I've no clue for when they're further out at sea as this really isn't my field,

    Would like suggestions from the general community here - what kind of (communication) equiptment are we looking at, and what kind of techonologies should they be considering? As with eveerything else, cost is an issue, and cheaper is always preferred.

    Additional 'features' that woud be nice, although not required at this point, would be for them to be able to receive short email corrospondence from home as well.

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    Well GPRS will do just fine when in range. I use my laptop and can connect using GPRS on my mobile. After that a satphone will probably be the only way.....

    Just my AU$0.02 about US$0.0175
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