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    Just curious on the amount I can get for this domain, I currently have it on SEDO, been there for a couple months now for 8500 got one offer and they backed out, can you all please tell me what you would pay for this domain? Im looking for true responses. This site is currently undevelopement.

    The possibilities are endless what the name

    Thanks in advance for the replies.


    If anyone is interested and the price is right I will concider selling it.


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    Definitely in the $XXX-XXXX Range
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    Thanks for the replies, would love to see someone make an offer in that range. At least I have support with my asking at Sedo, thought maybe I was asking to much for it

    thanks again, would love to hear from more of you

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    i would put it to make offer

    and people will start with $100 as they always do

    counter offer with 5K
    and work towards a price u can sell

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    I would probably pay $750-1K for this name myself, but of course it could go for much more to an end user / retail buyer. The real question is: do you want money soon, or are you willing to wait for the right retail buyer to come along willing to pay more?

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    Thanks for the reply GenT greatly appreaciate

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    A really nice generic domain name. There's alot of "cobra" name related products out there. The one that catches my attention first was the cobra car alarm system.

    I agree w/ Gen-T, wait for the right buyer...or try to develop it yourself to attract more attention.


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    nas I wish I could I just need funds right now thats why I have another post where this is up for bid to the highest bidder, I grant you the possibilites are endless and I had this domain for close to 9 years now it rips me up thinking about selling it but I have to due to lack of funds and a family emergency

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