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    Security is Crucial Act now! $15 security scans and more!

    Security. It's the single biggest issue facing system administrators in todays high-risk enviroment. Every system connected to the internet is in serious risk of being compromised, and staying on top of software updates can be a very time consuming task. Thats where Rack911 can assist. We can take the burden of your shoulders, and deploy the latest advances in the security industry to protect your server. Rack911 introduces its newest venture, If you wish to test the security you have implemented on your servers, Security911 can provide several ways of testing your level of vulnerability. In-depth security audits and fully featured penetration tests are just some of line up provided by Saecurity911.

    Rack911 Services:

    $50.00 USD

    Limit compilers / fetch applications to root.
    Secure and Harden Temporary directorys.
    BFD Installation and configuration.
    SIM Installation and configuration.
    Update all server software ( includes kernel ).
    Disable Dangerous PHP Functions.
    Chkrootkit Installation.
    APF Firewall installation and configuration.
    Logwatch Configuration.
    Libsafe Installation.
    Host.conf + sysctl.conf tweaks.
    Filesystem Hardening.
    Disable insecure / Unused system services.
    Full security scan included

    Kernel Recompile - $15

    Operating systems supported:
    Redhat 7.x - 9.0
    RHE ES 3.0

    Control Panels supported:
    Direct Admin
    and many more just ask.

    Supported Contact methods:
    Email: [email protected]

    Paypal ( paypal now accepts cc through paypal without opening account )

    Security911 Services:

    Pre-Opening Special:

    $15 per server:

    Nessus Scan report
    Shadow Security Scan report
    NMAP Report

    This will provide you with a good idea on how secure your server is from the outside:
    Attempt common vulnerability exploits
    Denial-Of-Service Exploitation
    Remote backdoor checking
    HTTP Fault checking

    Email [email protected] for more information on how we can make you more secure

    Steven Ciaburri | Proactive Linux Server Management -
    Managed Servers (AS62710), Server Management, and Security Auditing.

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    I have used Rack911 and can say that they have been excellent and well worth the money, thanks Rack911

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    Originally posted by Bub Host
    I have used Rack911 and can say that they have been excellent and well worth the money, thanks Rack911
    Same here... just finished server #2 for me... highly reccomended.
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