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Thread: Free worker!

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    Free worker!

    I am looking to join up and work for a gaming comapny that is located east coast Canada. I have experience in pretty much anything and any game. I currently work at but they are west coast and I would rather prefer it to be east coast.


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    Oh come on, there has to be some companies

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    Perhaps nobody knows exactly what you're offering or what kind of experience you have. Saying you're looking for a 'gaming company' is a tad vague. After looking at your site, I see that you're a game server administrator for a company that installs game server software on their machines and then sells slots to players and clans.

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    Yes, I can install game servers on linux/windows any any addon/mod for the server.

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    I sent you a private msg but you never responded =D
    eXeGaming : Professional Gaming Organization

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    Please PM again sir, It must have not gotten to me as I received nothing, I did see your signature and PM you before I seen this post by you. I will be glad to work for you my friend

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