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    Shoutcast Advertising

    I currently Run Xfreq Radio,We have been up about a year but we were down a few months in that year because its just so expensive and Radiostorm and other stations have caused a monopoly with there large sponsorships.Well we are back up and servers stay full with 85 listeners and we cant afford it anymore.So advertising slots are open.We have all sorts of listeners, we have had listeners from Army Guard Stations, fedex, pentagon,and Many Others.We are very open for prices so just contact us.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Or contact us on our forums
    Xfreq Radio

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    They are now up with a stable shoutcast and can hold 100 slots of listeners and have many relays.

    You will get your advertisement heard over tons of people.

    All types of business's or websites are welcomed to apply for advertisement.

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    Bump,Its still open Guys.

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