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    Question How to keep mysql databases running smooth??

    I've noticed alot of sites, shut down for 30 min or so each week for maintenence, and unless i'm mistaken, i read websites with alot of traffic that rely heavily on MySQL needs to optimized their MySQL database every so often to make sure it keeps running smoothly.

    Can anyone verify this for me, or give me some hints/ideas on what is needed to make sure the MySQL database used for a site with heavy site, stays working smoothly with no problems?

    Thank you in advance.

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    thats the first time i am hearing that. whats the point of being such a powerful database application when you have to optimize it once in a while. I thought sites using MySQL should run smoothly anyway with no problems

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    one good optimization should do the job.

    if the best optomize didnt work you need multiple servers or higher server spesifications to handle that load
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    you do not need weekly maintenance unless there are lot of trash in the database to clean up. Heavy MySQL programs are Traffic Exchanges, and those need a clean up every month, or year to delete inactive sites, members, etc.

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