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    Question Anyway to install linux on a windows mahcine?

    I don't have an extra machine, and have to much things on my comp to do a reintall. I'm running windows XP but my harddrive only has one partition.

    I was wondering if there was any way to repartition my harddrive without a reinstall so i can install fedora, or if theres any way to do this?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    You can try Partition Magic, or fips

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    you need a new partition to store your linux os. partition your hard drive and install linux to the new partition - Professional Web Hosting Provider since 2002 - Automation Solution for cPanel Hosting! + Illegal File Scanner - Your complete Web Hosting Directory with Hosting/Server Tutorials

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    Have you tried VMWare? This will let you run multiple OS within an Operating Systerm.

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    yes VMWare is one asy way of installing a second OS, within your current OS. Not reccomended if your pc is low-spec'ed however.

    Id reccomend a dual boot situation, by using something similair to Partition Magic to set your partitions up in a easy enviroment.

    Have a snoop around and see what suits you best

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    I would be careful repartition harddrive ... best to get another hard drive for linux.

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    Well, depends what you need it for. If you need to try out some things and occassionally run some programs install Microsoft VirtualPC - great solution as for me. It completely emulates a computer with its own bios, separated memory, virtual hard drive etc. So you can install whatever you want there.
    It might not be good for you if you need more performance or need to run *nix on a regular basis for serious applications.
    BTW, there are some other programs like MVPC.

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