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Thread: Email hosting

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    Email hosting

    Are there any good reliable email hosts around?
    P.S: I've already looked at fastmail and mailsnare but IMHO they are a bit expensive.


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    You can email just about any host and ask them to quote you for mail only service.
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    Best one around is

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    Best one around is
    In your opinion, what makes them 'the best' ?

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    Even I have directed one of my clients to and they seem to be happy with them. But the biggest problem with them is that in order to get support from them you have to pay extra and become a premium member. I mailed some questions about their offer to them just after a month of joining and they didn't replied at all. Guess I need to be a premium member even to know about their offer details.
    But I would add to this, there wasn't a single problem with their mail service and also it's really fast.
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    Google is going to offer 1 gig email space for free. Im not sure when they are going to launch it. I know its in beta testing right now and is maybe a few weeks from launch.
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    A client of mine is using GoDaddy's business email service and seems happy. 250 MB storage, SPAM, and WebMail and up to 50 accounts at an extremely low price. One bad part is you have to add anti-virus separately but it isn't that much.

    My client really liked the fact that he can allocate the space for each account - for example he gave himself and a few others 15MB accounts but everyone else 5MB accounts.

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