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    Thumbs up Get Your Free Logo Now! Nothing Hidden! Nothing Untrue

    hello people

    another professional team is up there looking for customers
    don't waste time, HERE IS THE OFFER:

    send us details about :

    1- what u have in mind
    2- example (if there is) u like
    3- texts
    4- recommended colors

    so enough for u, we will do the rest

    GET YOUR FREE FREE LOGO tricks ...
    come on guys we wanna fill a portfoilo
    contact us via

    MSN/E-MAIL: [email protected]
    PM : webinvaders


    sincerely, yours
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    Thread cleaned. Let me remind all the users whose post were removed.

    Members may not post to instruct users to check their e-mail, check their PM, or inform them that they've got mail or a new PM, or any variant thereof.

    webinvaders nice of you to offer your service to the WHT community.

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    I have drawn a logo on paper of a person in a jacket standing, if you think you can do something as good as the mascot on with my character I'll go with you probably send you money if it comes out good

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    Can you make something for a software review site? is what I have now.

    Can you come up with something that looks nice?


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    hmm, I'll take up on this offer.

    I am going to start a gaming site pretty soon here, and I've got my layout worked out and all.

    Maybe if I can get a gaming logo of some type? Maybe a character, weaponry, controller .. that sort of stuff; it may just help you fill one more up for your portfolio..

    I'd like to thank you for even reading this request, thanks. You can get another thanks for trying, and for making it [ if you decide to ]. ; ]

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    Niagara Region, Canada

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    I don't need a logo or anything, but iam curious what you made for the peoples here so far

    Generous offer btw, goodluck

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    Thanx alot for all who applied to our offer
    plz everybody, don't feel worried if we were late sending a reply to ur e-mail/pm/or post
    the point is that we are having a large number of requests
    so either ur logo will be ready 3-4 days from the date u sent the e-mail ( u'll directly receive it on that period ) OR if it is going to be later than this
    you will receive an e-mail telling you how was ur request scheduled n when u will get it

    we are ready n willing to be able to do anything so plz all, jus send the details directly,
    this is in reply to questions about --can u do..? what about..? n so on

    please for those who posted here send us directly e-mails/pms with the detailed info of what u want, OR in the method of a reply to my 4 questions in the first post

    thanx for WHT administrator welcoming us, we are glad to place our offer here
    those interested to see what we did , soon we will have a portfoilo from these designs

    thanx all
    sincerely yours,

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    hate to bug you but its been more than 4 days and I havent received an email. Have you accepted the task of logo creation?

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    Same here. I finally just figured I wasn't going to get a reply.


    Originally posted by brickholius
    hate to bug you but its been more than 4 days and I havent received an email. Have you accepted the task of logo creation?

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    hello thier

    MAY you both check your junk folders, as u see we use a hotmail adress temporarily, some ppl also had ur problem cuz our e-mails were junked upon being sent to them

    actually i jus checked our history msgs:
    Mr. BRICK: we sent you asking for more info cuz u weren't enough desciprtive
    Mr. Justin: we made a logo but finally our president cancelled it, we sent u an apology that we will not be able to accept designs related to , dating sites, adults sites, or anything like these
    ur site if for dating so we can't do that for u
    still u have ur chance to recieve a free logo...if u need a logo for something else....
    adressing "JUSTIN RAINS" , if u r another person let me know

    thanx all we have made a good progress, n made some good logos, will be published as samples from our work soon

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    webinvader. please add me for MSN: brickholius
    I cant find that email asking for more info but I would be happy to provide you with the additional information.

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    Ok no problem. I'll have to check elsewhere for one. Thanks anyways.. Your msg probably did get filtered I have my software setup to filter all but approved hotmail addresses. I don't remember seeing you msg but I may have missed it.


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    I emailed you with the extra details of the logo. Please respond to let me know you received it.

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    I have just received my logo, and it is really professional. They made all of the changed that I requested, and did an overall great job. I would definitely recommend them.

    Jamie, - [email protected]
    AIM: Atividotcom | ICQ: 334982413 | MSN: [email protected] | Yahoo: Atividotcom

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    I havn't gotten mines yet .. is it still in works?

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    as am I
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    accidental post sorry.

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    PrimeInflux: donnu which e-mail is yours plz tell me, can't find your nickname betwen our list
    brick: we sent you a sample plz check your inbox, i also addded u after u sent the (details) we asked for


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    Exclamation the offer is over

    dear web invaders customers

    unfortunatly our offer is over ,for those who submited for the offer and didnot receive there logos , plz notify us about that so we can contact u and send it to u .

    if u need a perfect logo only by 10$ that is a limited offer also

    ccccccath it up

    best regards
    Web Invaders

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    Contact me via PM, since I cannot send any. My email address starts with primeinflux.

    If you are still unsure, check my "mail" image link below my signature table. You will be sure to get it from there.


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    no reply

    Did anyone actually get a free logo?

    sent 3 emails plus pms no reply to any of them


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    maybe another "building my portfolio" scam?

    nobody seems to have had a logo?


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    Cory Pippen
    San Diego Direct Web, LLC

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    I received one reply to send more info which I did with a screenshot as well, never got a reply. Emailed again to inquire about what's up and no reply. No I didn't get my free logo. If people are going to offer something they should come through whether it's free, 10 bucks, 100 bucks, etc!

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    you ppl all what u like to do is to screw other ppl business
    weh ave done great work n logos throught this offer
    round 7 or 8 logos

    brick: we have done u a much more professional logo than the example u showed but u didn't like the style, not our problem, also don't remember that i m who added you to MSN n i m who started th talk when I caught u signing in

    others: don't blame us when ur server junk our emails, we have been flooded back with ppl saying plz resend us when we talked about the issue
    u can all check the work we done on the following link
    jus to shut the mouthes saying "no one recieved his logo"

    u must value that we have got much more ofers than what we could afford in this little time
    some testimonials we got for the logos we made:

    "The people at WebInvaders gave my business a new refreshing look with their designs boosting my sales and increasing the 'professional' look to my website, 100% recommended' Damian Finol -

    "I have just received my logo, and it is really professional. They made all of the changed I requested, and did an overall great job. I would just like to say thank you very much. Fantastic job!"
    Jamie L (

    really we apologize to everyone whose logo has been missed throught this mess, but u must know that mainly ur junk filter caused it..or may be due to someone sent be4 you n should have his logo be4 u

    this offer is up now n thanx,
    we guarantee that we kept our word for all ppl, n everyone was either sent an email for escheduling or rejecting his request(our policy regected some requests)

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    You get what you pay for... And not always then either.. If it is too good to be true then it probably is.

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    Nice succinct description, portalplanet.

    From what I've seen in the last month or so from these kind of offers in general, one thing not too good to be true is the "Help Me Build My Portfolio" part.

    To be fair, there may be other good things like actual products too. I just haven't seen any of them yet.

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    doesn't look good.
    Benoît Brookens III
    President - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.™

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    I would sugest that the users in this offer contact webinvaders and remember to check your spam/trash directories.

    I submitted a request and recieved my files. The first email was flagged as spam and I did not notice. When I made an inquiry the files were resent promptly.

    Also remember this was a free offer so chances are webinvaders may be busy getting the logos out.

    Thy logo I recieved was good qaulity and layered for easy editing. It will be very interesting to see how webinvaders develops.

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    Nothing caught in SPAM filter.
    No logo in inbox.
    Email sent.

    Anything still in the works or did this offer bork?

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