Well, I have Nagios configured Correctly but it doesn't sent emails, or does Ping Commands also SMTP Services are not reachable


CRITICAL 04-09-2004 20:10:34 0d 0h 3m 8s 1/3 Connection refused by host

And this:

Warning: Attempting to execute the command "/usr/bin/printf "%b" "***** Nagios *****\n\nNotification Type: PROBLEM\nHost: maniac.mtxis.net\nState: DOWN\nAddress: xxx.xx.1x.xx\nInfo: /bin/ping -n -U -c 1 xx.xx.xxx.xx\n\nDate/Time: Fri Apr 9 20:08:47 EDT 2004\n" | /bin/mail -s "Host DOWN alert for maniac.mtxis.net!" [email protected]" resulted in a return code of 126. Make sure the script or binary you are trying to execute actually exists...

If anyone can help it would be great