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    Lightbulb New Look, New Name


    Not Sure If this would be the right place to post this, hopefully I dont get banned from here or anything if it is the wrong place to ask this. If its the wrong place, Im very sorry in advance.

    Simply, We've been running a web hosting company for some time now, and always had the same old look. We decided to give it a face lift, and change the look as well as the name.

    If people could please review the main page screenshot of the new look and give us a feedback it would be great.

    Feedback could include on anything from, like, dis-like about the new look, what we forgot to include on the first page, etc.. anything or any suggestion will be appriciated.

    Thank you in advance, here is the link;

    Thanks again.

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    Moved to web site reviews.

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    The site is not bad. A few things that I see is that the bottom boxes are not as wide as the rest of the site. Which makes it look a little different to me. Otherwise very clean and nice looking.
    Daniel - php scripts and tutorials

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    Oh well, yet another media temple look alike.


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